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Watch GPS Trackers

Watch GPS Trackers Watch GPS Trackers Watch GPS Trackers Watch GPS Trackers
Product name:Watch GPS Trackers

1. Support real-time, continuous tracking; 

2. Support particular region tracking; 

3. Support beyond the specified range alarm; 

4. Support alarms and remote monitoring; 

5. Support of two key speed dial function, emergency SOS button; 

6. Without prejudice to the personal monitoring under the conditions of real-time tracking; 

7. Support SMS tracking position; 

8. Look for moving objects through SMS location (a simple system information); 

9. SOS button send out exact location of signals and sent to the help center; 

10. Comes with microphone and support monitoring features; 

12. 60 hours standby time; 

13. Display speed, coordinates and altitude; 

14. Stopwatch; 

15. Alarm clock; 

16. GPS time calibration; 

17. Track Record function; 

18. Landmark record; 

19. Coordinates of point records: record of 24 set of coordinates allows you to record the coordinates of your information to be recorded;


1, Charging voltage110-220V

2, Working temperature -20°-—65°

3, Humidity: 5%-95%

4, Limited working temperature-30°C -- -40°C, +80°C-- +85°C

5, Storing temperature-45°C -- +90°C

6, Start-up time, hot start: <1.5s   Warm start: <34s    Cold start: <35s(Autonomous)

7, Accurate positioning: 3.0 m 2D-RMS , DGPS: 2.5 m

8, Speed Positioning: 0.1m/s, DGPS:0.05m/s

9, Power consumption: standby 48mADepending on the system network state and the user’ s operation method

10, Charging port: DC 5V 3A

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