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GPS Tracker Solution for Logistic Transportation Company

Author:Shenzhen Thingsys Co., Ltd

Solution In Brief

THINGSYS GPS Tracker Solution for Logistic Transportation Company helps to unify all sections involved in the goods on transportation, including goods owner, transportation agent or drivers. It works out to realize efficient communication and cooperation as to decrease empty driving, maximize usage of vehicle
s accommodation while you can easy to track out information about like oil consumption, working trace through the control platform. All this solution does is to save the cost of your transportation meanwhile get your efficiency optimized.


Function Features
1)Real time enquiring location of your vehicle and working data.

You can track the vehicles by single, group or all, real-time location and working information of which will be reported to management center when they are selected. Working information includes whether the car is empty or not, status of facilities, direction, speed .etc.
2)Real-time tracking for working information of vehicles.
Control center can keep real-time tracking or surveillance for the vehicles by asking for working information or real-time location from the GPS Trackers with set-up time schedule, by single vehicle, group vehicles or all vehicles.

3) Update and replay of history tracking

Control center can pick up the tracking information wirelessly and have it stored while with the tracking information you can replay the working record of your vehicles.

4) Alert function

Standard package includes a switch for urgency alert by pressing the button or switch. When some urgency happens like being robbed or when need urgent help, the driver can press the switch to send alert to control center immediately. Once control center have the information received, they can deal with the situation soundly and safely by the information they read.

5) Voice surveillance

When some special situation happens, like being robbed, the GPS tracker can call out to a fixed or pre-setup number as to let the control center be able to hear clearly about what’s happening in the car. Control center can call out to the GPS tracker directly as to check about inner vehicle.(the GPS tracker can be setup to: can be called for surveillance or only can be called for surveillance when alert starts)

6) Display of text and answer

Coupled with extra LCD display, GPS tracker can communicate with control center as to realize dispatching of vehicles, answer to dispatching, send and receive of messages.

7) Alert for out of boundary or over speed

Control center can setup the highest speed the vehicle can have in the GPS tracker. Control center will be reported as alert immediately once the speed of the vehicle is over the fixed speed and the buzz of the car will ring in this situation as to let the driver be on attention. Control center can also setup active area in GPS tracker and control center will be reported immediately once the vehicle goes out or into the fixed area.

8) Enbedded phone(extra dispatching LCD or talking handset)
With help from dispatching LCD andtalking handset, the driver can use the phone function to call out or be called in. the driver can also answer the call with hands free. Hands-free system can be connected to your car speaker system offering convenience in driving.

9) Transmission of images (extra camera will be needed)
With Help of extra camera installed, control center can understand the working situation of the whole company to see if any places need extra vehicle or less vehicle. Our GPS tracker can be connected to 4 cameras for the most. The 4 cameras can be scheduled(to) or automatically take pictures and send to control center. Camera is with night version, while it can take pictures on conditions, like certain time, certain place, when some conditions happen .etc.

10) Cut off the oil supply and electricity supply remotely (an extra relay will be needed)

GPS tracker can cut off the oil supply and electricity supply with help of extra replay. The control center can send command to cut off the oil supply and electricity supply when they make sure that some alerts or special situations happen, and the GPS tracker will execute the command after it has the command received.



Advantage for using GPS Tracker for Logistic Transportation Companies

Security for the goods as well as the drive can be guaranteed

Trust and confidence can be enhanced from owners of the goods as they can have all transportation procession under eyes.

Logistic Transportation Companies can rise their economy efficiency and enhance their management level by assorting the goods properly and vehicles dispatching, with fully understanding of the vehicle information.

Features and application of GPS/GSM
Accurate positioning for moving objects.
Wide cover of GMS and GPS will aid to realize dispatching and management national wide.
GPS tracking information or related can be transferred by SMS or GPRS via GSM network.
GPS satellites are free to use while only SMS or GPRS need to be paid to your operators.
Mainly functions include dispatching, surveillance and alert.

Functioning flow of GPS Tracker

Logistic Transportation Companies
Couple SIM card to each vehicle.
Input bill number of the goods while get the number connected to the sim number which goes with the vehicle.
Give password of the bill to the goods owner.
After ownership of the goods exchanged, store the bill and invalidate the password.
Charge the goods owner transportation fee
Pay the service fee from the telecom operator, including SMS fee and GPRS fee.

Goods Owner
Send the goods to logistic company and pay for the transportation cost
Tracking the goods anytime anywhere with the password and bill number from the logistic company.  

Functions of the GPS Tracker
Offer positioning information

Wired/Wireless communication (industrial class module)
Storage of data (5000 lines positioning information)
Send alert information via SMS or Voice call
Connected to other peripherals
Backup battery
Control of data transfer ( can be set to send no information when the vehicle is still )

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