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Solution of GPS tracking with Fuel Monitoring for Trucks

Author:Shenzhen Thingsys Co., Ltd

With the fast expanding demand in road transportation industry, the quantity of trucks is expanding in rapid pace, so is the requirement for operation management of fleet including prevention of unnatural Fuel loss, as the fuel stands out to be the most expensive component in the trucking field.

Fuel monitoring
Fuel monitoring keeps you updated about the fuel statistics in your trucks. It should basically provide data and answer your questions such as when the fuel tank refilled? How many liters of fuel refilled? What is the fuel consumption rate of my truck? What is the actual mileage of each vehicle? Did someone steal the fuel?

Fuel monitoring, thus gives you complete control over the fuel statistics of your vehicles.

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite system, which provides the location & time information of any object having a GPS Tracker. If you have a GPS Tracker installed in your truck, you will receive this information, at every point your vehicle moves. It also provides the derived parameters such as speed, status of vehicle: STOPPED or MOVING, Distance travelled between two locations, Acceleration, Deceleration, etc.

Availability of the real time tracking information
Now that the GPS Tracker has gathered location, time & other derived information, it needs to be transmitted to a remote server to make the real time information available to you. It requires a technology such as GSM, CDMA, GPRS, 3G, 4G or Satellite Communication.

Though the satellite communication is the best among others, it is really un-affordable due to huge costs involved. So, the affordable ones are GSM or GPRS or 3G or 4G technologies or simply the Mobile Internet that you use in your smart phones every day. The GPS Trackers have an in-built modem that provides the mobile internet with the help of a SIM card.

GPS based real time Vehicle Tracking
It is a solution that makes use of GPS Trackers (GPS & GPRS modem inside!) and a server and provides the real time information of your vehicles via a Web Application or software or a mobile application. With GPS based vehicle tracking system, you will know the whereabouts of your fleet of vehicles & other information such as speed, over speeding, harsh braking, halts etc.

Advanced Vehicle tracking
As the technology is advancing day by day, we see lot of sensors being integrated into the GPS Trackers. So, the GPS Tracker can now get more and more data with the help of sensors, like temperature sensor, fuel sensor .etc. thus making it an Advanced Vehicle Tracker.

Integration of sensors open door to many intelligent monitoring such as monitoring the temperatures inside your vehicle, tracking temperature of parcel cartons for cold transport, tire pressures of your vehicle, fuel level of your oil tank, to name a few!

Again Fuel monitoring
So now we know, a basic GPS tracking solution is not a Fuel Monitoring solution!
Fuel monitoring solution needs a Vehicle GPS Tracker, a Fuel Sensor that gets you real time fuel statistics and intelligent software to process these information and provide the fuel levels, fuel quantity & automatically detect fuel refill & thefts in liters.

As Fuel Monitoring is a sensitive thing, it needs to be accurate and dependable. The accuracy of the fuel monitoring is decided by the Fuel Sensors you choose and the intelligence of your software processing. There are wide choices of Fuel Sensors, such as float sensor, resistive, ultra-sonic & capacitive sensors (in order of their prices).

Basic parts to fulfill Solution of GPS tracking with Fuel Monitoring for Trucks

1, Server namely online tracking platform including browser end as well as APP end while sometimes it’s called software commonly as well. Server will be developed according to detailed requirement from the clients.


2, Fuel sensor shall be customized according to different height of the Fuel tanks and it will be installed onto the fuel tank. Then it will be connected to GPS tracker via a cable as to send the data of fuel tank level to the GPS tracker.


3, GPS tracker will receive the data from Fuel sensor and get the data sent to the Server. The server will process the data and show it to the clients who are monitoring the fuel tank. And to this step, the Fuel Monitoring is finished.

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